Ratboys share 'I Go Out At Night'
Ratboys share 'I Go Out At Night'
Thursday, January 9, 2020 - 19:23
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“I just had a thought… what if I never came home?” Those are the opening lines of Ratboys’ latest single, “I Go Out At Night,” and they fit right in on the band’s highly-anticipated new album Printer’s Devil, a collection of songs about upheaval, change, and the transformative concept of “home.”
Vocalist/guitarist Julia Steiner wrote the majority of Printer’s Devil with guitarist Dave Sagan while she was experiencing a dramatic shift in her own foundations, demoing out songs in her Louisville, Kentucky childhood home, which had just been sold and emptied out. “I Go Out At Night” was actually the only ‘older’ song idea she brought to this record; the first verse and main riff of the track being written when she was around 19 or 20.

“We wanted this song to feel different from the rest, something like a daydream or a fantasy. We experimented with synths during the bridge and the outro,” she explains. “I'm extremely happy with how all of the sounds interact - it comforts me for reasons I find hard to describe.”

Printer’s Devil will be out everywhere on February 28 via Topshelf Records.