PREMIERE: We Were Sharks share acoustic version of "How To Lose Your Cool"
Thursday, July 27, 2017 - 21:18
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We are happy to premiere the acoustic version of We Were Sharks' "How To Lose Your Cool" in honor of Shark Week. The song is taken off of the band's LP re-issue of “Not A Chance,” which you can pre-order HERE.

The band will be on tour with A Wilhelm Scream, Such Gold and After The Fall in October, leading up to what will be another awesome show at Fest. All tour dates listed below.

Guitarist Jason Mooney about the song and its meaning:
One of the greatest things about touring, aside from being able to make music in a different city every night with your friends, is the fact that you can sometimes find yourself in some of the most iconic places in the world.  Places that you probably would had never found yourself visiting if it weren’t for this crazy idea of “Hey best friends, lets make a bunch of noises together, jump in a van and just like, travel somewhere.  Yes, we’ll lose lots of money, but, hey, you can’t put a price on experience.  Am I right?”.

Family road trips or vacations with loved ones will, more often than not, find you traveling to all-inclusive resorts, traveling over seas, Disneyland, etc.  One thing is for certain, when you’re just a bunch of Canadians traveling from your country’s capital, it’s not too often you’d find yourself passing through Keystone, South Dakota.

For those who aren’t huge on geography, or maybe not a history buff, this little town is home to the infamous ‘Mount Rushmore’.  We had to go, we’d be dumb if we didn’t.  What we didn’t realize is that we were also dumb about a few decisions leading up to going to Mount Rushmore.

So, we embark on our journey.  Six dudes, crammed like sardines in a van that’s already travelled 1400 miles without an oil change.  A van without air conditioning.  Pulling a trailer that was filled with more gear than we should had actually brought with us.  All of this, while climbing 5,000 ft above sea level.

The van roared, screamed, and we just gave it more hell.

“Pedal to the metal, bahd!”

There was steam and heat, so much damn heat.

There was a Christmas Village that I think we should had opted to go to instead.

But, we finally make it to the top.  

We get to the monument.  We look up.  Our eyes widen. And our excitement deflates like a popped balloon.

Although extremely rad to see, along with the history behind it.  We expected to see something the size of giants.  

Instead, how do I explain the size of this thing.

If you google Mount Rushmore on your iPhone, and you find a full picture of this monument.  The size of that picture is pretty reminiscent of the size of this thing in real life.
Don’t get me wrong, major cool that this thing is a bunch of faces sculpted from mountains.

So, six guys drag their sweat soaked bodies back into their sauna on four wheels.  

Next, we needed thrills and excitement.  We had just drove straight up this entire mountain and all we got for a souvenir was a to-go coffee cup from the cafe and selfies to prove to our mother’s that we were there.  What goes up, must come down.  

Side note, have you or someone you know ever taken part in the Daytona 500?  Better question, ever not wear a seatbelt inside a box on wheels with a bunch of your friends, carrying behind another box on wheels with equipment, then go straight down a hill through the mountains at 90 MPH and not touch the brakes?  

It gets twisty.  It gets scary.  And the chances are, a lot of people are gonna scream about it the whole time.  It’s like riding the Goliath at Six flags.  Just without the Six Flags ticket price, and there’s no baby next to you screaming because it has heat stroke.

But, eventually the road will plateau, the vehicle will return to a normal speed, every one will calm down, the guy driving the ’92 Chevrolet Impala that you swerved in front of is long gone and will forget to call in your licence plate to the state trooper, and you’ll all laugh about it for days.  Congrats, you lived to tour another day.

We learned a lot about Mount Rushmore that day.  But, when we got back home we learned a lot of other things.  Such as, we destroyed the transmission, the brakes are messed, and the van still smells like a bag of socks that were worn on your feet while you walked through the Sahara desert. We lost a whole bunch of money, but, hey, you can’t put a price on experience, am I right?"


Tour dates:

10/20 Brooklyn, NY SAINT VITUS
10/21 Philadelphia, PA MILKBOY
10/22 Virginia Beach, VA SHAKAS
10/23 Baltimore, MD METRO
10/25 Atlanta, GA PURGATORY
10/26 Tampa, FL PRE FEST 5
10/27-10/29 Gainesville, FL FEST 16