PREMIERE: Toeheads share new single 'Mixed Up'
PREMIERE: Toeheads share new single 'Mixed Up'
Friday, November 18, 2022 - 07:57
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Detroit’s most unhinged and alluringly repugnant trio Toeheads (“it’s just Toeheads”) salvage any lost hope you had in the Motor City and in rock and roll. The band will be releasing their new album ‘A Cruel Winner’s World’ on December 15 via Big Neck Records (pre-order). Today, we are premiering the trio’s new single ‘Mixed Up,’a must-listen for fans of Jay Reatard, Ty Segall and other rock ‘n roll miscreants.

"This is one of our endless attempts at writing a rock n' roll hip-shaker in the vein of The Remains, The Sonics, Count Five etc.,” says vocalist/guitarist Jake Aho. “I won't spill too much ink trying to describe or dissect the track; crank it up, let it move ya!"

Toeheads’ raucous sets reek of agitation, delirium, and sweat from frenzied mosh pits, making them positively unavoidable. The three piece subsists of the towering Aho, whose uninhabited bellowing is as forceful as his guitar playing, the immovable and effervescent Joey Hanania on bass, and the brutish, unforgiving Derek Burbank, who somehow stays affixed to his drum set while the other two attempt to dismantle their instruments.

Above all, Toeheads are lawless. Everything they do is vaguely illegal. Whether it be their DIY composition or untamed performances, they are downright felonious. If you’re not convinced their rule breaking is commendable, I suggest you partake in some illicit behavior and introduce yourself to bona fide garage-punk music.