PREMIERE: Stream Yotam Ben Horin's new album 'Young Forever' in full
PREMIERE: Stream Yotam Ben Horin's new album 'Young Forever' in full
Thursday, May 19, 2022 - 16:06
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Yotam Ben Horin’s new solo album ‘Young Forever’ won’t be out until  on Double Helix Records, but we are streaming the whole thing a day early! Read below to find out just how the Covid pandemic had at least one positive result or scroll all the way down to check out the album.

"In March 2020, when Covid hit and we were all forced to be in lockdown, I had an album's worth of new songs but hadn't really given it much thought as far as making a new album. I had just been separated at the airport from my then girlfriend (now wife) and instead of sinking into a depression, I decided to put myself out there and play live shows online for the people at home.

After having such a positive experience with the first one, I did another and another and started getting this thing going. Every now and then, I would try out a new tune and see what the response was and promised that once we're all out of this funk, I'm taking all the money that was tipped my way and recording a new solo album.

When I arrived at Flying Blanket Studio one year later, I arrived with 13 acoustic demos, leaving much room to interpretation. Bob Hoag (the producer) and I narrowed it down to the strongest 10 and went to work. The creative juices started flowing right away and after 10 days, the album was complete.”

As has been the case since the Useless ID frontman’s solo debut (2012’s Distant Lover album), each tightly edited track on ‘Young Forever’ provides a welcome contrast to the wild and wooly records of his punk rock stylings of Useless ID without sounding like a scrapped MTV Unplugged shoot.

“Listening back, there is not much of the pandemic's influence in these songs since, besides one ("Young Forever), they were all written before 2020, but together, these songs make for my most hopeful album to date and give a feeling that if we were able to overcome this, we can overcome anything."