PREMIERE: Stream Suck Brick Kid's new album 'The End Is What I Want' in full
PREMIERE: Stream Suck Brick Kid’s new album 'The End Is What I Want' in full
Tuesday, May 14, 2024 - 09:33
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With a decade of beers literally under their belt, Suck Brick Kid has defined themselves as “loud as fuck and fast as fuck.” This is mainly because their vocabulary is small and rudimentary at best but also because they really do both of these things better than most. With a slew of conceptual albums already out, Suck Brick Kid are aiming high for this new release and finding inspiration in one of the lowest places imaginable…a dive bar bathroom. ‘The End Is What I Want’ will be out tomorrow on Smartpunk Records, but we are already streaming the whole thing a day early. Check it out if you are into the likes of Set Your Goals, Sum 41, Four Year Strong or bathroom stalls.

Bathroom graffiti is often over-looked, over-pissed-on, or even over-appreciated but Suck Brick Kid wanted to tap into the mindset of some of these individuals and explore what they were (maybe) going through when they made their mark. This opened up a ton of possibilities for the songs, with vocalist Grant Tchekmeian and guitarist Ian Marchionda cleverly crafting some of the most insane and absurd lyrical content to date.

“Think back to the last time you ripped a steamy piss at your local dive bar/ venue bathroom,” says the band about their latest album. “Did you stop to take note of the musings or the scrawling so delicately placed  on to the wall? Did it make you laugh? Did it make you cry? Did it make you angry or upset? Did you contribute? Did you rewrite history? We wrote a record about how we think you felt when you inscribed your life’s work to that snot rocket inhabited bathroom stall.Some say this is our Chinese Democracy. We simply think there is so much more in your words that inspired us that we could never belittle this record that way.”

(photo credit: Megan Mitchell)