PREMIERE: stop.drop.rewind share video for 'The Joke'
PREMIERE: stop.drop.rewind share video for 'The Joke'
Friday, February 26, 2021 - 17:55
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We are very happy to premiere the video for 'The Joke,' the new single by stop.drop.rewind. It marks the Indiana pop-punk trio's first ever acoustic song. Well, intentionally acoustic song to be more specific.
Guitarist DJ Crenson about the song: “ Somehow, Kris and I have been writing and performing as an acoustic duo on and off for fifteen years and “The Joke” is the first time we’ve ever written and released an intentionally acoustic song. The song is essentially about what it feels like to be in our 30’s, playing basement shows with high school bands and feeling extremely old while simultaneously not regretting any of the decisions that got us to that point, if that makes sense. It’s all that, with a side of “I wrote songs about my problems for 21 years and now I kind of have my shit together but still like to write songs.”
'The Joke' is the latest song by the band who have been delivering sad, catchy jams to their fans since 2009 and who desribe themselves as what happens when emo kids grow up and get jazz degrees. Check out the video below and keep up with stop.drop.rewind on Facebook.