PREMIERE: Stop.Drop.Rewind share video for 'i2i'
PREMIERE: Stop Drop Rewind share video for 'i2i'
Friday, July 16, 2021 - 12:17
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We are happy to premiere the new video by our buds in Stop.Drop.Rewind for 'i2i,' which sees them going full pop punk while in a Goofy Movie state of mind. i2i' is the latest song by the Indiana-based band who have been delivering sad, catchy jams to their fans since 2009 and who desribe themselves as what happens when emo kids grow up and get jazz degrees. 

About the song and video:

“Before February of this year, of the three of us, only Andy had seen the Goofy Movie. Then our friend Kylee asked us to record a version of “I2I” for her boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, and for a few weeks while we were working on this cover, the Goofy Movie consumed our waking minds. This song was stuck in our heads around the clock. So with Kylee’s permission, we decided to shoot a video and had a ton of fun doing so, plus as a bonus we were able to make use of all the Disney paraphernalia Andy’s wife has collected over the course of what I can only assume is her entire life, so that’s a good thing too!”

Check out the video below and keep up with stop.drop.rewind on Facebook.