PREMIERE: Nerdlinger share new single 'Hollywood Ritz'
PREMIERE: Nerdlinger share new single 'Hollywood Ritz'
Thursday, March 10, 2022 - 08:35
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We are happy to premiere the new single by Australia's punkrock heartthrobs Nerdlinger. The new track, ‘Hollywood Ritz’ (pre-save) shows the light-hearted side of the band in the form of a fun pop-punk song that that involves taking a long hard look in the mirror after partying a little bit too hard for too long. The track releases on Friday the 11th of March and the band has announced a last-minute release show at Crowbar Sydney,

“Hollywood Ritz is about as close to a love song as Nerdlinger is ever going to get," explains vocalist Scotty. "It’s about that effervescent, incandescent moment first thing in the morning, that glistening smile from your significant other as they sip their morning coffee and stare at you, through the window, while you stumble out of the Uber and into the street, carrying with you a half-eaten kebab and a smell that would make Elvis’s gym shorts blush…. but for some unknown reason they don’t mind, instead they give you a Panadol and a Powerade then tuck you into bed.”

Nerdlinger have been carving up highways in Australia and abroad since 2013. Known for their brand of lightning-fast melodic punk and high energy live show the new single ‘Hollywood Ritz’ arrives after two well received singles in the way of ‘Six String Demon’ and ‘Dear Therapist’ released in the latter half of 2021.

In other Nerdlinger news their debut album ‘Happy Place’ that has been out of print for some time is getting a reissue on LP through Pee Records (pre-order).


Upcoming show:

Saturday 12 March ‘Hollywood Ritz’ Release Show with The Great Awake, Kang and The Rimmingtons @ Crowbar Sydney (get tickets)