PREMIERE: Mikey Erg shares new song ‘Colleen’ off upcoming 7"
PREMIERE: Mikey Erg shares new song ‘Colleen’ off upcoming 7"
Sunday, April 5, 2020 - 08:59
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We are very happy to premiere ‘Colleen,’ the latest song to be taken off Mikey Erg’s upcoming ‘Bon Voyage’ EP, out May 1 on Stardumb Records (available in the US through The Machine Shop).

You could probably fill an entire festival line-up with all the bands Mikey Erg has been in or is still a part of. Best known as the drummer and principal songwriter of the beloved Ergs!, he has since gone and played with The Dopamines, Star Fucking Hipsters, Dirtbike Annie, Slow Death, Pale Angels and more recently, Worriers. But lately, he has been also been focusing on his solo career.

Last year he released his second solo album via Don Giovanni Records, ‘Waxbuilt Castles,’ and now he is releasing a new 4-song EP. And like the bands he has been in, his solo releases are equally diverse. Whereas ‘Waxbuilt Castles’ was more Erg’s version of Paul McCartney’s first record, this new 7” is chock-full of classic pop punk.

Or as Erg says:

“When Stefan asked me to do a 7” record for his label, I said yes immediatel. I wasn’t quite sure what it would entail, but as I started thinking about it, there seemed like only one way to go. When I was around 13, I found punk rock and soon began scanning the MRR ad section for new music.

I loved that all these bands I hadn’t heard of were putting out 7” records with two, four, or sometimes up to TEN songs or more. In a way, these were a cheap way to get into a band, but they also stood on their own as statements. Four exclusive songs only available on these releases. A lot of bands would also use this opportunity to record cover songs. I can’t tell you how many great bands I got into because someone covered them on the B side of a 7.”

One label that really made this format for me was Mutant Pop from Corvallis OR. For a while, every record they release perfected the idea of the three-to-four song, standalone EP. This record is a tribute to both the format and the music that got me here. A love letter to pop punk.”