PREMIERE: Joyride! share new single 'Flyover States'
PREMIERE: Joyride! share new single 'Flyover States'
Tuesday, April 5, 2022 - 08:57
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We are psyched to premiere ‘Flyover States,’ the latest single from San Francisco’s joyride!. The song is a short 90-second blast that sounds like Superchunk shifting into pop-punk mode with some Jawbreaker vibes thrown in for good measure. ‘Flyover States’ is the latest single to be taken off the band’s excellent upcoming album ‘Miracle Question,’ out April 15 on Salina Records (pre-order), the label that keeps delivering primo earcandy with every single release.

"Flyover States is about entertaining fantasies of running away or starting over somewhere new, even when you know you never will,” explains the band. “The first verse references the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, which happened to occur right before the Oakland A’s were supposed to play the San Francisco Giants in a World Series game. The middle part is our attempt at writing something Jawbreaker-esque. Even though in the song I am imagining what it would be like to leave, it’s grounded in these very bay area images and references because ultimately this place is my home, I love it deeply, and I know this is where I’ll always be. "

“Miracle Question” has been a long time in the making. After releasing a new batch of songs nearly every year from their formation in 2010 until the release of their third LP “Half Moon Bay” in 2016, the band took five years before heading back to the studio.

All of that extra time allowed them to build a catalog of songs to pick through for this recording, making for one of the band’s strongest collections of songs. In those five years, the changes in songwriter Jenna Marx’s life, including going to grad school and starting a career in school counseling, influenced a record that touches upon everything from compassion, forgiveness, nostalgia and change to family systems, attachment styles, healthy relationships, running away, and staying put.

Musically “Miracle Question” continues to channel the straight ahead melodic pop-punk of bands like P.S. Eliot and Superchunk while adding a few new tricks to their arsenal. The record finds joyride! striking a balance between short-fast pop-punk songs like “Flyover States” and “The Archivist” and mid-tempo indie-rock tinged numbers like “In The Afterglow” and “The Regulars.”