PREMIERE: I Like Allie share new single 'Your Superpowers Are Stupid'
PREMIERE: I Like Allie share new single ‘Your Superpowers Are Stupid’
Thursday, September 23, 2021 - 08:17
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We are happy to share ‘Your Superpowers Are Stupid,’ the latest single by melodic punk rock outfit I Like Allie. You can stream the song below and as of tomorrow, it will be available on your favorite digital platform as well. ‘Your Superpowers Are Stupid’ is the latest single to be taken off the band’s debut album ‘Rare Instances Of Independent Thinking,’ out Oct 8 via Paper+Plastick (US), Engineer Records (UK), No Reason Records (Europe), and General Soreness Records (Italy). You can pre-order the album here.

"This song is about dealing with the anxiety of peer pressure. The struggle to fit in can often be overwhelming and make you feel alone and misunderstood,” shares vocalist/guitarist Renato Treves. I am particularly attached to the song as it reminds me of a moment in my life when everything seemed weird to me. Life in general was hard to figure out. But I feel that after I finished writing it, I started to see the light, so to say. I love this song also because it's the first one we worked on with our guitarist, Luca. A while back we desperately needed a guitar player and my buddy Samir put me in touch with him. I still remember the time Luca came over to my house to arrange this song. I tried guiding him to find a weird riff to put in between the first chorus and the second verse and after a short while he nailed it. I was so excited that I sent Gio and Fra voice memos of the riff that same night. After that we had a band practice and basically finished the song. That's very rare for us now but it was a great way to start things off.

As for the cover of the single, the band decided to use a photo taken by their drummer Gio while on tour in the US back in 2017 with the frame designed by guitarist Luca. "The photo was taken in North Carolina on our way back from the Fest after a long day of driving," adds Renato. "We stopped at this empty diner and celebrated the end of the tour before continuing our drive back to New York to catch our flight home. We hope to do that all over again soon."

Originally started as Renato’s acoustic project, I Like Allie has since evolved into a full-fledged punk rock band with the arrival of Gio (drums), Fra (bass) and Luca (lead guitar). Since then, the band released an EP as well as a self-titled collection of all their released output via Real Ghost Records and played everywhere from Hamburg’s Booze Cruise Festival to Bergamo’s Punk Rock Raduno along with a US East Coast tour down to The Fest.

For ‘Rare Instances of Independent Thinking,’ the band entered Mobsound Recording Studios in Milan at the end of 2019 with long-time engineer and friend Alessandro Caneva (Fine Before You Came, Fratelli Calafuria) but recording proceeded over the course of 2020 with a few interruptions due to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic. The record was completed with mixing by Jeff Dean (Samiam, Braid) and mastering by Dan Coutant (The World Is a Beautiful Place, War on Women) and features guest vocals of singer-songwriter Laura Stevenson.

(photo credit: Claudine Strummer)