PREMIERE: Coach's Son surprise release new EP 'Close Encounters of the Worst Kind'
PREMIERE: Coach's Son surprise release new EP 'Close Encounters of the Worst Kind'
Friday, July 3, 2020 - 13:37
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We are very excited to bring you the new EP by Trenton, NJ’s Coach’s Son, ‘Close Encounters of the Worst Kind,’ out now on Jetsam-Flotsam. The EP comes highly recommended for fans of None More Black, Make Do And Mend and Small Brown Bike and serves as a companion piece to ‘If That’s Opportunity, Don’t Answer,’ which was released earlier this year.

We caught up with the trio - who have been friends since middle school - to talk a bit more about their surprise release.


PRT: One minute ‘Close Encounters of the Worst Kind’ wasn’t there, now all of a sudden it is. What’s with the surprise release?

After recording the songs we wanted to get them out as soon as possible. These are our favorite songs to date so we didn’t want to wait.


PRT: The new EP serves as something of a companion piece to ‘If That’s Opportunity, Don’t Answer,’ which came out earlier this year. How do the two of them work together?

We wrote all the songs at once with the original intention of releasing them all together. After further consideration, we decided to split the release to help maintain some presence in a time void of live music.


PRT: You seem to be big fans of the duality in punk rock: there’s the melody and the aggression, the rough and the smooth and with two singers, you even extend this to the delivery of the lines. What is it about that duality that makes it so appealing?

Matt V. and Sean were in a band prior that laid some of the melodic foundation for our current writing. Everything subsequently has been pretty organic; we write song instrumentation before vocal melodies and lyrics.


PRT: ‘Close Encounters’ marks your third EP. Will the next release be a full-length? Or is there something about the EP format that you like more?

We’d love to put a full length, but for now EP’s are our focus. They are easier for us to release and (we feel) are more digestible.


PRT: You have all known each other since middle school. What sparked the idea to start a band together?

Collectively we all hadn’t played in quite a while and were all peripherally were in the same circle for many years. As a result, when everyone had the itch to play again, it was an obvious choice to start a project together. Being that we were already familiar which each other’s playing styles, the writing chemistry came easily.


PRT: I’m guessing you all still know what makes you mad. God knows there’s plenty to be mad about. But have you already learned more about art since the release of your debut EP?

Season 2, episode 1.