Jetsam-Flotsam announces Living Room / Typesetter split 7"
Tuesday, June 7, 2016 - 07:53
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Chicago area label Jetsam-Flotsam will release a split 7" from from Brooklyn, NY’s Living Room and Chicago, IL's Typesetter on July 8. Titled "Glimpse", the record will include two brand new tracks by Living Room and a new song by Typesetter. The digital copy of the split will also include a bonus track by Typesetter.

Pre-orders for the record are now available at Jetsam-Flotsam's Storenvy site.

Jetsam-Flotsam released Living Room’s Moonchaser in 2014, the same year Black Numbers released Typesetter’s debut LP Wild’s Ends. The bands connected while touring on their respective records and agreed to work on a split. The result showcases two bands that have grown substantially since their debuts. Living Room's sound has become fuzzier, noisier, amplifying the raw emotion that made their previous releases so powerful. Likewise, Typesetter's sound has broadened, plunging their Midwest punk-rock into deeper, darker, more expansive realms.