PREMIERE: Black Bolt release video for 'Chill 'Em All'
PREMIERE: Black Bolt release video for 'Chill 'Em All'
Sunday, February 23, 2020 - 09:57
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Following up on their White Claw jingle ‘Claws Out,’ Black Bolt is back with a new video for the song ‘Chill ‘Em All’. It’s another precursor of the Boise, ID based band’s first full-length, ‘The North End,’ which will be out in Spring of 2020.

Vocalist/guitarist Dustin James about the video:

"Ever since I was a little kid watching music videos in the halcyon days of MTV, MTV2, and VH1, I've always wanted to make a "real music video." Our last music video (for "Claws Out") was a total DIY affair and I think it turned out pretty good, but that still didn't scratch the itch of making a "real" video with a real director.

We enlisted the help of Ryan Bayne, who's produced some of my favorite videos for Boise bands (like Aka Belle and Mantooth), to help my childhood dreams come true. We shot the video over the course of one Sunday morning and afternoon in our drummer Justin's apartment in Boise's North End. We ordered pizza and got some friends and family members to bring their kids over. We also called in a favor with local actors Chris and Ali Watts, who did an amazing job playing the put-upon parents. We had a great time hanging out with the kids, playing with Nerf guns, eating Flying Pie pizza, and responsibly drinking White Claw. In true Black Bolt Spirit, a lot of the action was improvised despite having a pretty solid plan in place.

We had one bit that didn't make it into the video where Steve poured White Claw into a French press and made coffee with it. Believe it or not, the resulting coffee wasn't terrible!

The result is a really fun music video. Ryan was a pleasure to work with, entertained our worst ideas, and created a very good final product. I'm really proud to be part of something like this. Even if it doesn't rack up thousands of views, it fulfills a childhood dream and is something I'll always be very excited about. I still don't know if I'm ever going to show it to my Mom, though.”

Black Bolt are a punk band in the classical sense: righteous indignation, a furious clattering of aggressive instruments, no strict adherence to a particular sub-genre, and no hecks given about what other bands are doing right now. Their musical approach takes cues from classic American punk, effervescent indie rock, 90s skate classics, morose post-punk, unhinged hardcore, and nasty garage punk. Since forming loosely eight years ago, Black Bolt have graduated from rehearsing in a soundproofed basement to practicing in an automotive repair shop– making them one of the only literal garage bands in Boise. Through years of evolution, the members of Black Bolt collectively know over five guitar chords, how many drinks they can have before they go on stage, and how to sing mostly in key.

You can catch them live at the Treefort Music Festival in Boise ID on March 26th.