PREMIERE: Bat Boy stream "Couldn't Keep Up" in full
Monday, July 31, 2017 - 15:19
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We are very, very happy to bring you the premiere of Bat Boy’s debut 7-inch, “Couldn’t Keep Up” (out now via Asian Man Records). You can pick up your copy HERE.

Here's what bassist Jake Guralnik had to say about starting the band:

“Bat Boy began as a way to maintain a long-distance friendship between Hannah Eagle (Philadelphia, PA) and myself (Richmond, VA), two people who hate talking on the phone. We had developed a great friendship on tour with Spraynard where I was playing bass and Hannah slingin' merch. When the tour was over, instead of going "welp, see ya", we decided to start a band of our own and keep the good times rolling. With Cory Chubb from Richmond, VA's Sundials on board to play drums, and many back and forth Iphone recordings later, the rest was history!”

If you like indie punk meets power-pop with ridiculously catchy hooks, then this one has your name written all over. These are some seriously perfect jams that will make your summer sound a hell of a lot better. Check them out below!