PONY drops new video for 'Chokecherry'
PONY drops new video for 'Chokecherry'
Friday, February 19, 2021 - 22:03
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PONY's latest single, "Chokecherry," is another nostalgic rock track booming with explorative and defiant pop-based lyricism. The video is a perfect depictor of the bright and deceptively provocative themes Bielanski is playing with on this track. Shot in a home-movie style that Sam claims ws the result of watching a lot of Are You Afraid Of The Dark?, you'll feel with her the same sense of dissatisfaction and teen angst that has plagued us all at one point.

'TV Baby,' the debut LP from Toronto power-pop act PONY, feels like it’s programmed from a different era. Driven by vocalist/guitarist Sam Bielanski’s sharp vocal tones and flashy, driving rhythm, the band combines cheeky 1980s style with 1990s self-reliance and modern production sheen for an experience caught between worlds. It’s hooky and vibrant, but don’t mistake exuberance for extroversion. TV Baby is an album dedicated to the indoor cats, the introverts, and those who value their independence above anything else.