In The Pines share new single 'Bones'
In The Pines share new single 'Bones'
Thursday, June 11, 2020 - 08:19
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Twelve years after releasing their debut, In the Pines is proud and happy to announce the birth of “Bones,” the first song from what will be the long-awaited second full-length. The lineup still includes five original members: Hodgson, Darren Welch (bass, vocals), Laurel Morgan Parks (violin, vocals), Matt Wolber (guitar) and Mike Myers (drums).

Despite the song's title, there is nothing skeletal about it. “Bones” is lush and orchestral, a low-pulse, folk-ish rock ballad awash in strings, embroidered with filigrees of violin and acoustic guitars and bathed in dreamy vocals and supernal vocal harmonies. It's a departure from the Pines' signature sound, yet rife with all their endearing traits: melodic, hypnotic, meditative and built on clever turns and changes.
The yet-to-be-named album, which the band hopes to release this summer (on Arctic Rodeo), has been a prolonged labor of love, but the rewards have justified all the effort and tribulations.

“It's definitely been a long haul with lots of obstacles,” Hodgson said. “But the thing that stands out is how much I love working with and creating with the band. We've been together so long, no matter the distance or time apart, it still feels like a family. And we now know how to work through ways that might have been a hindrance in earlier days.”