PEARS announce new album
Wednesday, January 20, 2016 - 23:03
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After spending the better part of two years relentlessly supporting their 2014 album "Go To Prison", PEARS continue along the warpath with their hotly anticipated second full-length, "Green Star", which will be out April 1st via Fat Wreck. "Green Star" comes with 16 tracks, including re-recorded versions of “Snowflake” and “Anhedonia” (previously heard on last year’s "Letters to Memaw" 7-inch). 

To elaborate on how PEARS approached recording their latest full-length, singer Zach Quinn says, “The biggest difference was "Go To Prison" was a fast thing—we just threw it together. This, we slaved over it. We wrote songs and cut songs and cut parts of songs and put them into other songs. It was a nightmare, but I’ve never been more proud of anything. Even though it was a completely different process, it feels like the next step.”

Expect PEARS to continue to bring that energy to stages around the world, starting with Australia in March, followed by North America and Europe.



1. Christmas ‘91
2. Hinged by Spine
3. Cumshots
4. I Love My Kennel
5. Anhedonia
6. The Flu
7. Green Star
8. Bug Aware
9. Partridge
10. Dizzy Is Drunk
11. Snowflake
12. Cloverleaf
13. The Tile of St. Stewart 14. Doorbell
15. Jump the Fuckin’ Ship 16. Great Mt. Ida