Paint It Black share new single 'Dominion'
Paint It Black share new single 'Dominion'
Thursday, October 5, 2023 - 08:23
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Lauded Philadelphia band Paint It Black have shared “Dominion,” the second single from the upcoming record Famine, set for release November 3rd on Revelation Records. Following the hard-stomping “Famine,” “Dominion” is two minutes of ripping, melody fueled hardcore shouting at the exploitation of a thoughts and prayers filled society. Ink & Dagger guitarist Don DeVore brings his off-kilter approach to the song, contributing a distinct riff.

Expanding on the song’s sentiment, the band states:

“This song is our attempt to address our country’s frightening slide into right wing theocracy. Aside from direct assaults on reproductive freedom and free speech, the nastiest trick that religious fundamentalism plays on the faithful is the promise of a better life after the one we’re currently living. Rather than critiquing or challenging an economic arrangement that guarantees a life of toil and struggle or abject poverty for most humans, so that a very small number of people can accumulate wealth, we’re offered the narrative that suffering in this life has meaning and will grant us admission into the hereafter. In this way, fundamentalist organized religion protects power and wealth. The idea that the natural world was created for humans to exploit is the reason the world is on fire.”

Across three full-length albums and three seven-inch EPs, the four-piece of vocalist Dan Yemin, bassist Andy Nelson, guitarist Josh Agran, and drummer Jared Shavelson have been crafting concise, incisive statements that meld hardcore’s fury with a nuanced lyrical perspective. On Famine, Paint It Black shows all sides of itself, returning as inspired—and inspiring—since their latest release, 2013’s Invisible EP. The eight songs on the record are vibrant, vital, and full of unrest, packed with a decade’s worth of frustration. Lyrical themes navigate the narrative between myth and the truth, rebuking against religious fundamentalism, constitutional originalism, and the very concept of policing. Entering the studio with Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden in Oakland, CA (Deafheaven, Gouge Away), the band recorded live to tape, providing the ability to just play as they saw fit. With Famine, Paint It Black proves that the most potent hardcore punk releases are ones that come from a space of vulnerability, honesty, and authenticity.