Old Wives announce new album; share first single 'Me And Jack'
Old Wives announce new album; share first single 'Me And Jack'
Friday, November 11, 2022 - 11:29
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Old Wives have announced they will be releasing their new album, ‘Mega Low Maniac’ via Little Rocket Records (UK/EU), Sounds Of Subterrania (EU), Rad Girlfriend Records (US), Waterslide Records (Japan) and via the band's Bandcamp page if you are living in Canada.

. They have also shared the lyric video for first single ‘Me & Jack,’ a short punk rock blast for those of us who haven’t quite figured out yet where it is they are going in this life. The song builds on a drum/bass/vocal intro and sharply turns the volume to 11 as the whole band dives in head first. They cram as many thoughtful quips into a 1:37 song as possible while pushing the urgency and panic of not knowing what or where you’re going. But the guys do their best to get in and get out with a strong melody, a catchy hook and a tidal wave of sound.

The new album, ‘Mega Low Maniac,’ is a non-stop rip with 13 new songs taking you through the punk rock genre. The album features the band’s sense of humor while simultaneously weaving in themes of loss and loneliness. On songs like ‘Friendly Distance’ and ‘Back to Normal’ the band fires along at a breakneck pace while the vocals and harmonies catch on quickly and will have you singing along in an instant.

‘Mega Low Maniac’ picks up where 2018’s Three left off and carries the baton into new footing. With the band self-producing along with Cody Blakely and Greg Wright the listeners will find themselves in familiar territory while being asked to expand a bit with the band on songs like ‘Burning Letters’ and the album’s final track ‘Day Job’.


Mega Low Maniac track listing:

  1. Drag Me Down
  2. Friendly Distance
  3. For A Friend
  4. Finkle Is Einhorn
  5. Backtalk
  6. Burning Letters
  7. 1000 Thoughts
  8. Me and Jack
  9. Back to Normal
  10. True Patriot Love
  11. The Truce
  12. Nine!
  13. Day Job