NOTHING reveal 'Vertigo Flowers' from forthcoming LP
Tuesday, February 23, 2016 - 16:20
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NOTHING’s sophomore LP, “Tired Of Tomorrow”, will be out May 13th via Relapse Records, but you can already hear the first new music from the album, 'Vertigo Flowers,' today. The band has also revealed an in-studio trailer, directed by Don Argott.

Speaking of the track's inspiration, frontman Domenic Palermo explains, "I was walking to the bank one day with a couple friends and I believed a car full of men was following me around. I walked through the parking lot and into a Walmart and hid there for a couple hours. I was experiencing a new consistent spell of vertigo that I believed may have been a direct result of a recent brain trauma and hospital stay. Everything seemed hazy and for a few weeks I was having a hard time sorting everything out. In the studio the vertigo never really stopped so a lot of the lyrics I had previously wrote for songs I decided to change because whatever was going on in my head I wanted out."


“Tired Of Tomorrow” was originally set for release via Collect Records, until the band discovered that the label had been funded by the now-infamous hedge fund manager Martin Shkreli, whose roster subsequently dissolved under the weight of the unsettling controversy surrounding him. Though the album was written before the Shkreli debacle, Palermo sees those events to only have strengthened the sentiments and ideas behind “Tired Of Tomorrow”, rather than confuse its message. It's a mess to think about, but as always, the contradictions and paradoxes of the kind NOTHING harnesses ultimately lead to the greatest revelations, and the band's personal and tragic path has nonetheless led NOTHING to produce deeply heartfelt and inspiring music. Whichever way you want to look at it, you can't deny that NOTHING feels good.

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