Nothing share new 'You Wind Me Up' video
Nothing share new 'You Wind Me Up' video
Tuesday, October 30, 2018 - 23:21
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Nothing released a new video for "You Wind Me Up" off their recent highly acclaimed album, Dance On The Blacktop. The video, directed by meme artist (yes, that is apparently a thing) Teenage Stepdad.

Just before the band went into the studio to record, frontman Domenic Palermo hit up visual artist, Teenage Stepdad with the single which he explains "struck me immediately with the visuals that would ultimately become the video I made.  But at first I just played it over and over.  In the car, in my bedroom studio, dancing with my wife and kids.  Honestly, I think I was hoping another idea would come to me, because I had no idea how I was going to pull off what I saw in my head that first listen.

The van in the video became a metaphor for my bedroom studio as I chased my muse and watched the world outside my window drift further away.  Artistic endeavor, while often thrilling, can also be incredibly isolating, and I think the video ended up reflecting a lot of that push and pull.  Hopefully people can relate in their own way.

Eventually I met up with the band in a tiny, van-sized green room in Phoenix to record them and insert them into the piece.  They were in the midst of their tour, road-weary and tired, home a memory in their rear-view mirror, but still ready to make some art.  It felt very fitting. I'm grateful to have lived so closely with this song over the course of a couple months, and to have some small association with such a beautiful record."