NORMY signs to Smartpunk Records and drops new track 'Thanks For Nothing'
NORMY signs to Smartpunk Records and drops new track 'Thanks For Nothing'
Sunday, May 21, 2023 - 14:33
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Cleveland punk outfit NORMY have dropped an energetic, fast-paced rock track titled, “Thanks For Nothing.” The band released the song today in partnership with Smartpunk Records, to announce the band’s signing to the independent label. Further details about a potential upcoming album have not yet been revealed, but the band has teased new music in the works. On the new track, Eric Egan of NORMY states:

“Thanks For Nothing” is about an experience I had touring overseas for the first time; which had been something I’d been dreaming of for years; and one miserable person single-handedly making the whole experience kind of shitty.“

On the signing to Smartpunk Records, label manager Matt Burns states:

“While working on some artwork and ideas for Highway Sniper, George and I got on the topic of pop punk and he mentioned his project NORMY, referencing bands like Lagwagon as the main influence. He had sent me their (then new) EP, “What On God’s Green Earth” and I fell in love. He told me their new songs were even better, and I didn’t believe him. When I heard the mixes from what would become ‘What The Fuck Planet Are The Guys From,’ I kept putting them on repeat for like 2 hours. If I could skateboard, these songs would be the soundtrack to me shredding the gnar. Instead, I’ll just play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and blast the EP“

NORMY is an American rock band formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 2021 that gained notoriety for high-energy live shows and irreverent humor. Their current lineup consists of bassist/vocalist Eric Egan (Heart Attack Man), guitarist/vocalist Steve Perrino (Walking Wounded), and drummer George Lucarelli (Highway Sniper, You Die First). Their sound has diversified throughout their career - their pop-punk style blending catchy pop melodies with fast-paced punk rock. Their lyrics center on relationships, adolescent frustration, and maturity—or lack thereof.

New music from NORMY is rumored to be on the way - follow the band and Smartpunk Records for updates and more.