No Win share 'After Your Legs'
No Win share 'After Your Legs'
Monday, February 4, 2019 - 10:17
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NO WIN have shared their new single "After Your Legs". The new album downey will be released 3/22 via Dangerbird Records. The band will be playing SXSW as well as an LP release show in L.A. Dates are below.

Danny Nogueiras had one simple motivation for the 10 songs that make up downey, the debut album by his band NO WIN – honesty.  This candor is evident from the very first notes, but with each subsequent listen the songs digs deeper and deeper, attaching themselves to the listeners own emotions and experiences until its songs become shared memories.  “I worked to the bone on this record,” says Nogueiras, “I make this kind of music because I love it genuinely, and I want as many people as possible to enjoy it.”

downey takes its name from the Southern California city Nogueiras grew up in.  “It’s a good representation of where I come from, and it’s nostalgic for certain elements of the past while still being sad about them,” he says.  downey is a compendium of glory days and melancholy memories, of hopes for a future already passed, and for dreams that may still one day be realized. It’s the perfect summer record, but it’s also the perfect end-of-summer record: from the glorious, melancholic power-pop opener “After Your Legs”, to the energetic, full-throttle wonder of “Endless Scan” and the laidback splendor of “Shelley Duvall”, all the songs are inspired by Nogueiras’ personal memories, but have a universality to them, too.