New DARKO singer debuts on anti-misogyny epic 'The Ladder'
New DARKO singer debuts on anti-misogyny epic 'The Ladder'
Tuesday, March 15, 2022 - 18:56
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Veteran UK Melodic Hardcore act DARKO have returned with ‘The Ladder’ - their ambitious first new release in over five years. The track offers a first listen to the band with new vocalist, Tom West (previously of metallic punks Almeida), who brings a jarring intensity and an unsparing attitude to the south England quintet.DARKO’s updated incarnation is likely to perk up many ears - this new single unapologetically serves up fiercely political lyrics across 7+ minutes of progressive thrash.

West uses his new platform to immediately urge fellow punks to take a stand against the scene's "embedded misogyny", screaming “How can we bring change with only people who look like us up on stage?”. Katz Hinsley of Manchester's Follow Your Dreams adds her signature yells to the track's crescendo, with the passionate refrain "the scene is big enough for every one of us".

‘The Ladder’ is available on all digital platforms ahead of the upcoming new EP 'SPARKLE', set for release on Lockjaw Records (EU) and Thousand Island Records (NA) in summer 2022.