Nathan Gray releases new single 'Say Anything' feat. Frank Turner
Nathan Gray releases new single 'Say Anything' feat. Frank Turner
Saturday, October 17, 2020 - 08:45
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Nathan Gray is back with new single 'Say Anything,' featuring none other than Frank Turner, who also joins in on vocals, produced the track and recorded almost all the instruments on his own. The result is as melancholic as it is quick-tempered, featuring the best of both artists.

Nathan Gray and Frank Turner have known each other for many years (when Frank's hardcore band Million Dead opened up for Nathan's band BOYSETSFIRE in London during the mid 90s), but the genesis of 'Say Anything' was surprisingly quick. By pure chance, the two met in a hallway in Berlin last year when they were guests on Jan Schwarzkamp's popular show on Radio Fritz. They decided on the spot that they had to work on some music together in the future.

'Say Anything' is the starting point for a whole series of collaborations by Nathan Gray. Under the title "Nathan and Friends", the musician will continue to release singles until next year, each of which was created in collaboration with other artists. This diverse project has also resulted in collaborations that will take Gray completely out of his (musical) comfort zone. "Nathan and Friends" is an exciting and often very unusual project, whose future instalments fans can look forward to.