Mutant League Records release free compilation album
Wednesday, December 13, 2017 - 22:37
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Mutant League Records is celebrating their 5-year anniversary by giving away a FREE compilation album with music from Belmont, Crywank, Lucky boys Confusion, and more!

Mutant League owner Nate Steinheimer comments on the label's anniversary:
Really proud/shocked to still be able to release music under Mutant League 5 years into it. From pawning my stuff early on just to be able to afford postage for our records- to watching MLR bands perform sold-out shows and transform their music into a career; it's been an bizarre but remarkable experience that I wouldn't trade for a big house or bag of money.

To download, visit:

Track Listing:
1. Belmont - Step Aside
2. Ambleside - Wash Away
3. Lucky Boys Confusion - Stormchaser
4. Vacant Home - Shiver
5. Anna Sage. - The Life and Lies of Jimmy Fries
6. Hideout - Canvases
7. Crywank - Notches
8. Housing - Hands
9. The Librarians - I Just Wanna Love You