Middle-Aged Queers debut new single 'Home is Where'
Middle-Aged Queers debut new single 'Home is Where'
Monday, December 27, 2021 - 12:23
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Oakland, CA queercore band Middle-Aged Queers have released a cover of "Home is Where" by the Middle Class as their newest single. The track appears on the band's recently released picture disc EP, "Gary's Satanic Mills" via the band's own label Outpunx Records and the return release from the seminal Bay Area label Wingnut Records.

“This song was originally a commentary on the monoculture of American suburbs but took on additional meaning for us during the pandemic. The chorus of ‘Home is where we hide’ became a suggested method of survival that was only afforded to some, while others are martyred as ‘essential workers’ or ‘health heroes.,” says lead vocalist Shaun Osburn.

Middle-Aged Queers further extrapolates on this cover with the song’s music video, animated by EJ Snyder.