Melbourne's Catholic Guilt debut new single + music video 'Talking Fake'
Melbourne's Catholic Guilt debut new single + music video 'Talking Fake'
Saturday, August 13, 2022 - 17:42
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Melbourne punk/alt-rockers Catholic Guilt return w “Talking Fake,” the band’s boldest and most mature recording to date. Musically, “Talking Fake” sees the band step away from previous releases to find themselves moving into a more pop rock space. Lyrically the single mirrors the frustration people can endure whilst living in the reality of a fractured relationship.

“‘Talking Fake’ was inspired by reaching that all too familiar point in a relationship, where the lines of communication have completely broken down," says frontman Brenton Harris. "Both sides want to talk it out, but neither can work out what to say, or how to say it, so they don’t say anything and instead live in the comfort of discomfort, paralyzed by anxiety and the fear that if they do start to talk, it might end up being their final conversation. It is an appeal to both sides of the relationship to put all the placating, all of the excuses and the unending awkwardness aside and just speak honestly and truthfully with one another. To quit “talking fake” and just “give it to me straight”. Whatever happens on the other side of that conversation has to be better than living in a state of constant fracture.“

With upcoming tours in Australia and the US, and an appearance at Fest 20 this Fall, Catholic Guilt are primed to take the next step in the bands already ascending career.: