Meet the winners of our Macbeth contest!
Friday, December 12, 2014 - 11:55
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Shit, I’m happy this contest is over because I think I was starting to develop something of a foot fetish.

Here are the winners who will soon have their new pair of Macbeth sneakers!


Andy Decroos gets a pair because his picture shows us two different pairs of holes… uh, shoes. Definitely needs some new sneakers.




Cristian Vergallo loves Macbeth so much he made his own. Pretty sure it’s illegal to make counterfeit products so we’d better hook him up with the real deal before he gets arrested. We need the few readers we have!




Next up is Frederik Meuris, who not only has holes in his shoes but also a bad case of Photoshop flames shooting out of them.




Jens Verwimp gets a pair of Macbeth sneakers as well. Why? Dude has a Frank Turner tattoo on his leg which he has to walk around with for the rest of his life. Least we can do is give him some decent sneakers!




And Rob Engels is our last winner. Not sure if these even still qualify as shoes after his dog had his way with them.




We couldn't let one of our editors win but we couldn't resist sharing Bjorn's picture...