Loud Love share video for new single 'Vox Populi'
Loud Love share video for new single 'Vox Populi'
Friday, February 26, 2021 - 20:39
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Belgium's Loud Love is back with a new single called 'Vox Populi'. Faced with a historic pandemic, the ongoing challenges of climate change, and increasing nationalism, totalitarianism, populism and conspiracy theories, Vox Populi gives a voice to our worries and anger toward the lack of nuance and respect for the basic principles of our democracy, without losing itself in naïvety. It’s a song in which we question the growing acceptance by some of xenophobia, homophobia, sexism,... A loud and clear question mark regarding the loss of historic awareness and the loss of respect for science, facts and… each other.

If you are familiar with the Belgian hardcore scene Loud Love might have a recognisable sound. Most notably because vocalist Dries used to take care of vocal duties in Circle and The Setup, David, Kristof, Bert and Lars were active in bands like Cast-Down, El Mirage, Burned At Open Sea and We’rewolves.. A pretty impressive hardcore pedigree, that immediately explains why their debut 5-song E.P. sounded so mature and complete and was so well received.

The first EP and live-reputation paved the way to numerous shows and festivals. Life of Agony, for instance, personally chose Loud Love to open up for them in the Metropole in Hengelo and the summer of 2020 was looking bright and promising, with planned shows at Ieperfest, Revelation Fest and Picking Bones Fest amongst others. And then Covid happened…

But with this setback the band surely didn’t go into hibernation. During their last rehearsal, just minutes before Belgiums first lockdown, the band recorded the demo of what would become their second EP. During the lockdown, Loud Love put its creativity to work, by doing home-recordings to polish the songs of the upcoming EP. While temperatures rose and summer kicked in, the band dove into the refreshing pools of Rockstar Recording Studio and Trix Studio to record their second EP, with safeguard, recording engineer and sixth band member Frank Rotthier. These recordings were just recently fully completed due to the covid safety measures.