Loud Love release debut single 'Angels Maintenance'
Loud Love release debut single 'Angels Maintenance'
Friday, July 5, 2019 - 21:06
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Belgium's Loud Love is a celebration of the madness of life, love and maybe some regrets... Years of passion for punkrock, hardcore and indie music result in an energetic and upbeat catchy sound. To introduce themselves to the world, the band has released a first song, "Angels Maintenance" taken from their upcoming EP.

In Spring 2018 Kristof Nuyts (cast-down, we'rewolves) and David Fraters (cast-down, El.Mirage, Daktari) teamed up for some Friday night jam sessions with Lars Jeuris (The Front Porch Reminiscence) on drums. By the end of the summer Dries Olemans (Circle, The Setup, Overlord) and Bert Peters (Burned At Open Sea, El.Mirage!) joined the ranks to form Loud Love. Their blend of talent and experience gives Loud Love a post-hardcore / emo / punkrock vibe with a sound that remains catchy and shows they know what they're doing.

The band recorded five songs with Frank Rotthier and had it mastered by Jens at Larsson Studio. This self-titled EP will see the light of day in October 2019 on vinyl / digital by White Russian Records - whereas Kick Out The Jams will take care of a tape release.