Live From The Rock Room weekly recap
Saturday, January 21, 2017 - 14:46
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In case you didn't know yet, Live! from The Rock Room is a video series featuring great punk and indie bands from the USA. The Rock Room is Mike Felumlee's tiny home studio in Westmont, IL. And if we need to introduce Mike Felumlee, then... buddy, you're on the wrong site.

From now on, we will try to post a weekly update here with all the new live sessions that have found their way on the interwebz.

This week, you can scroll down for videos from:

Amuse, a pop-punk band from Indiana, who debuted a brand new song called "Life Sucks"

Chicago carnival punks Mutts with an energetic performance of their song "Shake it Up"

Wild Pink, an indie rock outfit from New York, who premiered a brand new song from their forthcoming self titled LP due out 2/24 on Tiny Engines