Live! from The Rock Room is on a roll!
Tuesday, July 19, 2016 - 21:45
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In case you didn't know yet, Live! from The Rock Room is a new video series featuring great punk and indie bands.

The Rock Room is Mike Felumlee's tiny home studio in Westmont, IL. It's small, slightly claustrophobic, but there's just enough room to rock and that's all you need! Which can be seen in a new video they posted with The Smoking Popes playing "No More Smiles" as well as one with Shawn Harris of The Matches playing "Dog-Eared Page" and even more recently one with Recreational Drugs playing the instrumental "A Song For Cats".

You can watch the Shawn Harris video below. If you want to see more (you do!), head on over to Live! from The Rock Room's Facebook page!