King Tuff shares 'Neverending Sunshine'
Monday, April 9, 2018 - 19:41
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Today, King Tuff has shared "Neverending Sunshine," the latest single from his anticipated new album, The Other. "Neverending Sunshine," a spaced-out, synth-heavy ode to summer, is the fifth track to be released from his forthcoming album, and follows on the heels of "Thru The Cracks," "Raindrop Blue," "Psycho Star" and "The Other.

Of the song, Thomas says: "Music and Nature are my religion, and I've always thought of the Sun as God. It seems so obvious to me and I think it's funny that more people don't just straight up worship the Sun. It's a giant ball of energy in the sky that we revolve around and gave life to everything on this planet. You can't even look directly at it. We feel happy in it's beautiful warm rays and depressed when it's obscured. They should make stained glass temples on the beach that play all the best songs about the Sun on repeat and you can just lay in them and dream. I had a dream once that I was in a subterranean graveyard, the walls and ceiling were covered in moss and ferns, and there was this amazing pure white sunlight emanating from within the room. It was the most peaceful feeling I ever felt. I wrote "Sun Medallion" not long after that dream. I still think about that place and hope I can find it again someday. "Neverending Sunshine" is about being eaten by the Sun and being ok with that. It's also just a jam you can play with your windows down wearing next to nothing while you're holding hands with a Slurpee."