The Jukebox Romantics share new single 'Hey Nora'
The Jukebox Romantics share new single 'Hey Nora'
Saturday, August 28, 2021 - 09:32
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The Jukebox Romantics are set to release their long awaited Fires Forming EP, a co-release between Sell The Heart Records (U.S.) and Engineer Records (UK) on December 17. Preceding the release the band recently shared the first single, "Hey Nora."

"Early 2021, we finished the songs and were eager to find them a home. We had a pretty rough release experience with our last full length and wanted to make sure this gem of an EP was handled with care," says guitarist/vocalist Mike Terry. "And with that, we wanted to work with friends, because who can you trust more than friends? So we had reached out to Andy from Sell The Heart Records cause we love what he’s doing with the label and more importantly love him as a human. Engineer Records got on board as well after talking to Andy about JBR. Engineer really get behind bands that encompass a lot of our DIY ethos on touring, working hard, and being genuine people. Five songs. five songs that draw a line in the sand, asking the listener to look inside themselves and see where they land internally and externally? Five songs that pack so much heart, it could only be contained on a 12inch record. That's right a 12inch five songs EP….because that's how we roll.”

The Jukebox Romantics are in your face, fun, heartfelt punk in the vein of bands like Alkaline Trio, Samiam and The Bouncing Souls. Over the past 13 years, they have taken their talked-about live show from coast to coast including multiple appearances at Gainesville’s Fest, Vans Warped Tour, Pouzza Fest, SXSW and more.