Jeff Rosenstock shares video for 'All This Useless Energy'
Friday, July 20, 2018 - 09:49
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Jeff Rosenstock shared a new video for the song "All This Useless Energy" from his latest album, 2018's 'POST-'.

Director David Combs explained of the idea behind the video, "We'd had the idea to shoot a three legged race for a while. In the spirit of expending "useless energy" we thought we'd really dig in and make as serious of a sports video about as stupid of a sport as possible." Jeff Rosenstock added, "This is our fourth video that we've shot in DC and we love all the people who are in it. [Tourmates] Martha and Bad Moves make cameos. It reminds me of a classic video I would see on MTV when I was younger, but also kinda like that sick Grimes video where she's at the football game with the boombox and the headphones."