The Interrupters share animated video for 'Alien'
The Interrupters share animated video for 'Alien'
Wednesday, May 22, 2024 - 20:29
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Los Angeles band, The Interrupters, have shared an animated video for the track “Alien,” of their fourth studio album ‘In The Wild’.

Ukrainian sisters Olga & Vira "MadTwins" Ishchuk known in the punk scene for their animation works for punk bands such as Social Distortion, NOFX, Flogging Molly, created the “Alien” video based on a plot invented by Aimee Interrupter. Mad Twins tell: “the song “Alien” spoke to us strongly because we know what it is like to be an abandoned child and a weirdo. Aimee and the guys wanted the main character to be a skeleton, and that was a challenge. In punk rock and metal there are a lot of visuals of skeletons, we wanted the main character to be different and the audience to empathize with him. The value of the song Alien is precisely in the openness of the emotions of suffering due to the difficulty of finding one's place in society, which are well known to those who come to the punk rock subculture. The "happy end" at the finale of the video is not so important as the story about that the character sincerely tried to find his path. This is not the time to lie down in the pit of death, life is precious even if you are feeling yourself as an alien.”