Illinois power pop punks Starter Jackets premiere new single 'All Too Well'
Illinois power pop punks Starter Jackets premiere new single 'All Too Well'
Friday, May 13, 2022 - 08:48
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Illlinois power pop punks Starter Jackets - including members of Attic Salt, The Copyrights, Hospital Job and more - have a new album on the ready. ‘Dead Malls’ wil be out May 20 on Rad Girlfriend Records (pre-order) and today we are excited to premiere the band’s latest single, ‘All Too Well,’an upbeat tune drenched in the sweetest of melodies that deals with anxiety, something that unfortunately feels all too familiar to vocalist/guitarist Lanny Durbin.

"I think I wrote 'All Too Well' during a particularly nice little anxiety spike," Durbin says. “What it's about, basically, everyone is going through it, ya know? Can talk to someone if you want, but sometimes you just don't. I'm pretty sure I was aiming for a Radioactivity-style vibe, though I'm not punk enough to play that fast. So it's kind of chill for an anxiety tune."

The Starter Jackets, who formed in 2016 in a practice space near the interstate in Springfield, Illinois, features members of Hospital Job, The Copyrights, Attic Salt and Local Drags. They all figured two to three bands a piece wasn’t enough – better do another one. Fred Malcom plays drums, Carter Bibb plays bass while Luke McNeill and Lanny Durbin split vocals and guitars. They play power pop/punk songs about dead technology and classic sports team logos.