For I Am release video for new single 'Die Hard'
For I Am release video for new single 'Die Hard'
Friday, November 8, 2019 - 09:00
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Belgian punk outfit For I Am released a video for new single 'Die Hard' (not featuring Bruce Willis). The song is taken off the band's second album 'Late Bloomers,' which consists of a mixture of the band's signature happy, fast pop-punk songs and a number of tracks that try to deviate from the standard, all laced together by lead singer Hanne's edgy vocals.

After having released a first EP called '15 Minutes Late' in 2015 and a first full album called 'All About Perspectives' in 2017, For I Am decided it was time to shake things up and take their music to a higher level with the release of 'Late Bloomers' in 2019.

Hanne about 'Die Hard':

"Die Hard tackles the current-day issue of people being stressed out on a daily basis, not wanting to admit they cannot take any more to the outside world. We very quickly tend to say “I’m okay” when asked how we are. But often that’s a lie. If you’re not okay, try to be honest and tell people about it. That’s the only way you’ll ever, in fact, be okay again. But we realise it’s not that simple, ‘cause old habits die hard…"