Hot Water Music share video for "Vultures"
Thursday, July 13, 2017 - 12:35
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Last month, Gainesville's finest asked fans to send over footage from Hot Water Music shows to use in an upcoming video. Today they premiered the video for "Vultures".

"We can't thank our extended family (friends and fans) for all of the submissions for the 'Vultures' video. In keeping with the family spirit, we enlisted our good bud Andrew Seward to direct/edit the raw clips and photos into the finished product, which we couldn't be happier with" says Jason Black of the band.

Talking about the record, Black goes onto say "The most exciting part about this record for us was self-producing and being in control from start to finish".

The band said about "Light It Up" "We haven't made a record this way since Fuel For the Hate Game. As frightening as it was to not have the safety net and sounding board of a producer, it was just as liberating to make a record that is 100% Hot Water Music, scars and all".

"Light It Up" will be out on Sep 15 via Rise Records.