Hop Along reveals 'How Simple' video
Wednesday, April 11, 2018 - 18:53
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Last week, Hop Along‘s new album Bark Your Head Off, Dog was released via Saddle Creek. Today, Hop Along shares the “How Simple” video, marking the first official video for the album and the first time the band has starred in a music video. The song’s joyful, kinetic energy is met with its emotional depth as viewers are immersed into the the fantastical world they create.
Frontwoman Frances Quinlan worked closely with director Derrick Belcham in creating the video. “This is my first time appearing in a music video; in which case I decided to do something that felt risky to me,” says Quinlan. “I told myself that I've danced through my own house solo enough times to do an alright job of it in front of a camera. All that being said, I'm still surprised that this piece came to be. I wasn't sure I had it in me to do it. Derrick did an excellent job directing, he made it a lot easier for me to access that part of myself and made it all look dreamy in a way that I couldn't have achieved otherwise.” Belcham shares, "Frances came to me with a fully-fleshed out idea for this video, and approached the dancing with so much enthusiasm and vulnerability, it was such a pleasure to work this thing out with her.”