Honeyrude shares "Flowers"
Monday, July 17, 2017 - 20:19
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If everything is truly bigger in Texas, than it must include the shoegaze swoon of Austin's Honeyrude. Their full-length debut album, The Color Blue, is set for release of August 18th via Shifting Sounds Records (Magnet School, Black Books, Gentlemen Rogues) and it's enormous in every way. The shoegaze revivalists have created a stunning record of textural dream-pop and early 90’s fuzzed out bliss, with an incredible attention to sonic detail.

Ledbetter explained the song’s origins and meaning:

“’Flowers’ is about falling in love with people that are “off limits”. I wanted to imagine that after death we love without bodies. Its a lovely thought and its a lovely song and there’s something Shakespearean about not being allowed to be with someone you are drawn to. [Guitarist] Ian [Lund] showed me this old loop he had recorded in the 90s and I thought it was beautiful and took it home and sat on my bed and heard this little melody right away. We all worked on it and thought surely it can’t be so simple, we need to add some strange chords or something but ultimately we all agreed it was actually just a simple, pretty song.”