The Homeless Gospel Choir shares video for new single 'Blind Faith'
The Homeless Gospel Choir shares video for new single 'Blind Faith'
Monday, April 13, 2020 - 20:13
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The Homeless Gospel Choir, aka songwriter Derek Zanetti, will be releasing a brand new full-length, This Land Is Your Landfill, next Friday April 24th via A-F Records (North America) and Hassle Records (UK). Today the Pittsburgh, PA-based musician has shared one more preview of the record with new single "Blind Faith" and its accompanying music video. This Land Is Your Landfill marks a reinvention for The Homeless Gospel Choir with Zanetti leaving the sparse arrangements of his earlier work behind, gathering an all-star cast of punk scene collaborators, and creating the kind of ruckus, full-band album that he'd always dreamed of.

"Blind Faith" offers a perfect introduction to this bombastic new sound, taking Zanetti's heart-on-sleeve lyricism and merging it with fuzzed-out guitars and celebratory harmonies. Zannetti delved into the song's lyrics, "Once they’re able to make you afraid they can get you to do anything. 'Blind Faith' is a distillation of how cultural control and manipulation works through fear. Perfectly capable people who are intelligent and brave and kind are just as susceptible to falling prey to fear as anyone else is. Those in power know this and that’s what they are banking on."