Holy Pinto release new song 'Acquaintance, Friends - Love Ends.'
Holy Pinto release new song 'Acquaintance, Friends - Love Ends.'
Wednesday, October 23, 2019 - 08:01
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Holy Pinto has just released a new single, the first of a trio set to be released in 2019. Each new single represents a different experimentation in sound for songwriter Aymen Saleh. "Acquaintance, Friends - Love Ends." introduces a country tinge to his indie-pop sound, an interesting sonic influence after Saleh moved from the UK to Milwaukee this past year. The playful music video for the new song also embodies this midwest influence, featuring the artist setting out on a journey to drive the largest vehicle he could possibly find, which leads him across local suburban driveways, farm land, and lakefronts.
"I always want to dress up songs in a certain way, and with Holy Pinto's currently fluid lineup and instrumentation, I felt like I had more freedom to take some different routes on the songs. I love these songs, but they each have very, very different things to say, and they wouldn't fit in any collective of tracks I'm currently working on. The only place they fit is being together in the acknowledgement that they're all totally different."

The songwriter will be releasing two more singles in 2019. These singles follow his recent full length album Adult, released in March of this year.