Foxx Bodies share new single and video for 'Runaway'
Foxx Bodies share new single and video for 'Runaway'
Saturday, October 2, 2021 - 10:14
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Following hot on the heels of the band's previous singles, 'Bad Kid' and 'BPD,' Foxx Bodies have share their latest single and video for 'Runaway'.  

Vocalist Bella Vanek explains, "Runaway' is short, quick, and to the point. Taking emotional responsibility for my actions often feels impossible because of the abuse I have experienced and the mood and personality disorders I have. In a fight, flight, or freeze situation, I will flee every single time. Blame everything on me if you need to, but I will be hiding in a bathroom somewhere crying and wishing I were dead. I don’t runaway; I’m just gone. "

"The music video for “Runaway” was originally a short film called “Late for School” made by our very own Matthew Vanek." says guitarist Bailey Moses. "We filmed some wacky new performance footage, gave it the full director’s cut treatment, and BAM! He turned it into the skate video of our dreams."

'Runaway' is the latest single to be taken off 'Vixen,' the band's second album due to be released on November 5th via Kill Rock Stars. It’s the artistic manifestation of four friends - vocalist Bella Vanek, guitarist Bailey Moses, bassist Matt Vanek, and drummer Adam Bucholz - locking arms and eyes, in full support of each other’s efforts to dig through layer after layer of compacted grief, trauma, pain, and fury. Recorded and produced in Seattle by John Goodmanson (Sleater-Kinney, Bikini Kill) and mixed by Erik Blood months before the pandemic was in full swing, Vixen is a bold evolutionary step for this young quartet. Gone is much of the surf rock-influenced swing of previous efforts, replaced by massive guitar riffs and a newfound pulverizing attack from the rhythm section