Foxing release video for 'Heartbeats'
Foxing release video for 'Heartbeats'
Thursday, September 27, 2018 - 07:37
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If you’ve heard Foxing’s new album Nearer My God, then you know “Heartbeats” is a standout moment for the St. Louis band. Fittingly, its new video strikes a similar chord; it’s another addition to the growing catalogue of Josh Coll’s impeccably-directed videos for Foxing.

In “Heartbeats,” we see vocalist Conor Murphy in his role as The Botanist (from the “Slapstick” video), utilizing different elements of modern dance to express emotion. Murphy’s interpretation gets so intense that by the time the brilliant Sergei Rachmaninoff sample arrives at the end of the track, it hits you like a sigh of relief.