Far From Heroes share new single 'Little Faith'
Far From Heroes share new single 'Little Faith'
Wednesday, April 20, 2022 - 08:29
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After breaking up in 2005, Sudbury, Ontario’s Far From Heroes have now reunited with plans to release a new EP. You can check out first single , 'Little Faith,' below.

Far From Heroes started in 2000, in Sudbury, Ontario. They toured coast to coast in Canada a dozen times, had a development deal with Sony Music Canada, a video on regular rotation on Much Music and released 2 Eps with Spawner Records out of Langley BC and one independent full length. Played 1000s of shows opening for countless legendary punk rock/hardcore/emo bands throughout the early 2000s

After disbanding in 2005, its members went on to start Kansas City Shuffle and The Black Maria. They have never stopped writing together though, always sharing music back and forth. More details about the EP will follow soon.