New Granada Records announces Hankshaw rarities comp and 'Nothing Personal' reissue
ew Granada Records announces Hankshaw rarities comp and 'Nothing Personal' reissue
Friday, July 9, 2021 - 17:32
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New Granada Records (Pohgoh, LAPÊCHE, etc.) are pleased to announce the re-mastered re-issues of Hankshaw's debut full length 'Nothing Personal,' which was originally released in 1997 on Network Sound and then later issued on Florida's No Idea Records, along with a compilation of EPs, singles and outtakes titled 'Something Personal'. Both releases have been re-mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio in New York and will be out on July 16, 2021.Too much Hankshaw? I think not.

Known for singer Harold Hasselback's beautifully bespoke tenor vocals, Hankshaw was formed in 1995. In October of '95, the band recorded a four-song demo at Audio Lab Studios in Tampa, Florida. This quickly caught the ears of Network Sound Records, and in the summer of 1996 the band recorded their first full length LP Nothing Personal (Network Sound, February 1997).

That summer, the band embarked on their first tour with Hot Water Music and Ann Beretta. The four-song EP Every Day I Wish You Harm was recorded in the spring of 1998 and was released later that year by Doghouse Records. Shortly after releasing the EDIWYH EP, they followed up with a two song 7" released on Tampa based Schematics Records. A summer tour in 1998, saw them on the road with Elliott (Doghouse Records).

Hankshaw's final release with the original lineup was a self-titled EP on Apt13 Records in 2000. These songs/releases have not been available on streaming services until now in their remastered form. As of press time, there are no plans for a physical release.


01. Joined In The Sky

02. Those Few Minutes

03. Another Town

04. Reprimand

05. Good Things

06. At Your Convenience

07. Living Proof

08. N. Cater

09. Lockjaw

10. Miscellaneous


01. Angels And Frogs*

02. Lead Suits Of Armor**

03. Silk Noose**

04. Freedom For A Wage**

05. To All Slain Hope**

06. Kutz**

07. Maple***

08. Not The One***

09. Track #5 (Living Proof demo)****

*unreleased song from 2000

**s/t EP; Apt13 Records 2000

***s/t 7"; Schematic Records 1998

****Number One Priority Comp; Significant Records 1996

Original cover image from the 2000 s/t EP, used with permission by Apt13 Records.