Pohgoh surprise release 20th anniversary edition of debut album on vinyl
Friday, December 15, 2017 - 20:30
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After reviving the band full time in 2016, releasing a couple new tracks and recently heading to Baltimore, MD to record a brand new album with J Robbins, Tampa, FL's Pohgoh decided to have some fun in the meantime with this 20th Anniversary issue of their 1997 debut (and to date, only) full length album. You can pick up your copy HERE.

Release details:

  • first time ever on vinyl!
  • limited to 200 on clear 180g vinyl
  • re-imagined 1997 artwork from artist Josh "Bump" Galetta
  • contains "Friend X", originally appearing on the Emo Diaries, Vol. 1, as we initially intended in 1997 but could not include for legal reasons at the time.
  • digital download code includes 5 live songs recently discovered on cassette. 4 songs from WFMU 99.1 New Jersey (1996) and "Friend X" live from The Fireside Bowl, Chicago (1996)....these are fun time capsule recordings that we wanted to include (warts and all!).

Says the band: "We wanted to do something special to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pohgoh's debut and, to date, only full length release. we included "Friend X", as originally intended, as the lead-off track as well as restoring the 10 minute improvisational jam at the end of "Westerberg" (included on the download version, not vinyl, as it would not fit). Bab originally came out on CD only (on Orlando's Outback Entertainment Group) and quickly went out of print, until the All Along CD discography released in 2004. this is the first time the album has been released on vinyl.

The WFMU live bonus tracks are taken from normal bias UR90 cassette. The Fireside Bowl live bonus track taken from live to DAT room recording by Aadam Jacobs. We found these cassettes in a box and thought they'd be fun to include with this anniversary edition of the album, warts and all."